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is he ok

Seatbelt, morherfucker.

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Okay, this is off topic, but I have a question.

I get some weird questions sometimes and this is one of them. Some sent me the above image and I am at a loss.

First, if the above is true, then that isn’t racist. It is just incorrect. 

What are they talking about here? I don’t know that much about gender, but I don’t see how there can be PoC exclusive genders. I see where there would be different names for things in different cultures, but that wouldn’t be an exclusive gender state.

Is this just something from tumblr? Can someone explain this to me?

Well, technically no one should call themselves pangender according to this logic. Unless you have one of those special snowflake Mary Sue ethnicities measured in fractions, you are more than likely NOT going to be from every non-white culture/heritage to be able to claim to be hidra, berdache/two spirit, etc. Those are part of distinct cultures and beliefs, not the ~poc~ conglomerate.

I know what POC genders are.

Niggender. It’s the nigger version of a gender, exclusively for niggers.

'w' Their pronouns are Nighey/Nigou/Niggai




Need condoms? There was one stored free up your ass when you were born. Need a birth control pill? You need to make a pilgrimage to 5 sacred temples, pray to the Fayth for salvation, and summon a hormonal altering Aeon to use it’s birth control overdrive on you.

Wouldn’t the pill be a lie and increase fertility then?

Yes but then he uses his summoning power to dream up unchanging ovaries for the summoner, ovaries that will last a thousand years out at sea. 

Five if you’re a SCRUB.

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Anonymous asked:

I wanted to let you know that someone was using your group cosplay photo as the tag photo for a truly horrific article about picking up women at conventions. A huge warning for the content of the article but I felt you should know as your photo is associated with it and you may wish to take action. (dot is written out to allow for the ask) WWWDOTreturnofkingsDOTCOM/37273/a-guide-for-getting-laid-at-anime-conventions


UGH thank you so much for telling me!! reading that was like drinking fire or something! that was probably offensive in every single way i can think of.
seems like his twitter is the only contact listed, and his direct messages are turned off, so ill try to contact him about it, but he seems like a really awful person who wont give a care so :/„, but im certain he’s using this image without permission of the photgrapher (BentPic5) let alone any of the models. grooosssss.

psa yall dont read that article if you wanna avoid transphobia, extreme sexism, slut shaming, etc. today. 

I tried doing a full size on that image, and it took so much memory it crashed my PC.

Thanks fatass.



God, all I had to do to go from slightly amused but mildly concernered for the harrassees all the way to fucking disgusted and outraged is visit Liz Davis’s/Erika Stiles’s blog after Alexandra put her foot down(sort of).

That’s all I had to do, it’s that fucking bad.

I really hate your guts. You’re so willingly dumb, all you do is harass me. I don’t harass Blue Author, she harasses me and puts up a bunch of horrible slander meant to hurt me.

Says your massive shitposting about it on your blog that we archived.

jewliankushablancas asked:

what if a non black woc of color has a big booty is she appropriating black 2 #boycottjenniferlopez


internalized white supremacy and misogynoir

btw that blog fat shamed Iggy Azealia and considers samis POC… theyre def a troll.

If they are, they put some solid effort into their theme. I commend them.

Non black woc of color

Non black woman of color of COLO#$*y%^#@&($%#@*&^$%#&$^%^&#%$&!^#%*&^!$%!@&^$#%








Dear goons, if you hate me so much, why do you follow me?








Harassing innocent people is a sign of…

But your assumptions are just as vague. After all, you have no incite into anything about me. Cuz somethings aren’t what they seem, and other things are just for me to laugh about ;)

As for wanting to stick your dick in a lobster, I assume you don’t really want to do that and you’re just trolling, I kinda of pray that cuz a hairy neckbearded pervert harming animals is gross as fuck.

Read the banner.

i don’t really care what you do in your spare time hon. if you think its satirical to admit you fuck sea animals…. well that’s special. you do seem pretty anally devastated to not allow a “lolcow” on n0chan. which is good, cuz it means I’m not a lolcow anyway.  I think I’m a troll cuz I make you guys so angry you can’t even tolerate me when you gang up haha

You were banned for shitposting in multiple threads and derailing everything. If you don’t like it that’s your problem.

 hehe i hope you realize you’re doing us a favor and the only reason I keep talking to you is to ensure that she can never get back on n0chan. Its bad for her health as we all know

So you go on IRC and then continue some sort of crusade on tumblr instead. Nice.

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